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CIRCLET® allows us to certify the positive impact we make on the planet, society and people


We have implemented sustainable strategies in each of our phases, favoring the least impact of production, the greatest durability of the garment and the correct recycling of it once its useful life cycle has ended.


“Looking at the past is the key to addressing the present and building the future”

All our collections are born from a unique concept created from our happy memories, summer, history, color and the Mediterranean inspiration of the Costa Blanca. This allows us to study the culture of the province and its towns, making its history and beauty known. Our garments do not follow trends, they are created to recall past sensations, moments and eras through their image.

This way we can guarantee that our garments are created with greater creativity, with an added sentimental value and with a unique design.

We give importance to the past, to the culture, the history and the sense of belonging of the Costa Blanca.

We want to create emotional links between our clothes and you #circugirls. That your purchase is not another garment, but a beautiful memory that you never want to forget.


90% of the percentage of the sustainability of a garment depends on how it is designed in its beginnings, in order to favor and facilitate its future recycling. It is very important to ECODESIGN and keep in mind that less is more when it comes to creating sustainable fashion. The greatest efficiency of the product must always be sought with the least possible materials and processes, as well as giving it the best quality so that it has a long useful life.

Other ecodesign methods that we use at Circu are:

- Create digital fashion to reduce the cost of raw materials

- Use recycled materials and organic fibers in all garments

- Perform industrial cutting and marking, reducing fabric waste

- Use digital printing and screen printing with water-based ink

- Guarantee the future recycling of the garment, avoiding accessories and processes that make it difficult

When the garment is still an idea, the idea must already be sustainable, as the only way to create a product that is 100% committed to its positive impact on the environment.


We work as a family in Almoradí and each piece is designed and handmade in Alicante. This allows us to supervise the entire process and guarantee the working conditions of all the people who make up our value chain.

Working at a national level allows us to create collections by demand and not by overwhelming minimums, carrying out a more conscious, slow, artisanal production process in which we try to reduce waste and the carbon footprint as much as possible.

We favor the zero km economy, since 80% of our suppliers are located in the province. The rest of the companies we work with are being great drivers for sustainability within the fashion industry on the international scene, which guarantees that we can offer you garments of the highest possible quality and a positive impact on the Planet.


At Circu, fashion is the means through which we seek to generate a positive impact, but our true goal is to contribute to a more sustainable future for the planet and society. For this, we have designed the website to be totally transparent in terms of processes, value chain and materials implemented. Through these sections, you will be able to learn how we contribute to social and environmental sustainability:

- C-PLAN is our plan for a better future and in it we have explained each part of the sustainable process that we carry out.

- Transparency and traceability in the garment production process. When buying, you will find in each of the garments their corresponding data on sustainability, savings from climate change and people who have formed the value chain.

- Plant a tree with each of your Circu purchases and track its status through Tree-Nation .

- On our way to support and generate circular fashion, we have joined Micolet , which is the largest second-hand clothing sales web platform in Europe. With this collaboration you will be able to exchange garments that you no longer wear for new sustainable garments from Circu.

- Economic donation for environmental associations and NGOs. All the funds earned with the Circu wardrobe at Micolet will go to social funds, to generate a complete positive impact both on the environment and on society as well as on you #circugirls


Circu's commitment goes much further than after having made a sale. We want to take responsibility for everything we produce and make sure that our customers know how to recycle any garment they buy at Circu, which is why we have developed tools that make it easy to return garments to be recycled in a safe environment.

-Smart recycling labels

-Care and recycling instructions on the packaging of each garment

- Round trip packing, for a garment to be circular, your #circugirl commitment is important and the best option is to resend the garment once it is no longer useful to you

-Circular-life questionnaire where you can check the status of your Circu garment and assess which is the best option once you no longer need it

- Association with companies of the Province in charge of textile waste management

In this way we can ensure that the life of our garments is circular , since they have been created with recycled fabrics and will be converted into a new recycled material, extending their useful life for many years, avoiding waste contamination and taking care of the planet's natural resources. .


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