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We are Circu, a swimwear and comfortable garments brand founded in 2020, in Alicante, by two sisters eager to show that everything in the fashion industry could be done better, based on sustainable design and good social practices.

We offer positive impact fashion designed for modern women with a conscious lifestyle who are ready to create their own revolution.

We work as a family in Almoradí and each piece is designed and handmade in Alicante. We favor the zero km economy, since 80% of our suppliers are located in the province. The rest of the companies we work with are being drivers for sustainability within the fashion industry on the international scene, which guarantees that we can offer you garments of the highest possible quality and a positive impact on the Planet.

We are inspired and moved by fun, summer and the nostalgia of happy moments. The essence of the design tries to recall past times of the Mediterranean summer on the Costa Blanca, Alicante. The family, the memories, the garden, the light, the beaches, the fruits, the colors, the flowers, the breeze and the sky... we create garments that make you travel to the past through our own prints with a vintage essence, inspiring colors and retro textures.

We work every day to continue improving our commitment and our positive impact on the Planet, society and you #circugirls. Welcome to the sustainable and circular fashion revolution... This has only just begun!

Hello #circugirls

We are Ángela Martí and Gemma Martí and we work together to create a real change in the fashion industry. Our goal is to find the synergy between innovation and technology with tradition and craftsmanship, creating a key balance to promote the development of sustainable and circular fashion.

Co-founder & technical manager

I am Gemma Martí, co-founder and digital manager at CIRCU, I am twenty-eight years old and I am a Telecommunications Engineer from the University of Alicante.

I have always liked programming, but it was in my first work experience where I discovered Python as a language and started working on creating applications to automate processes within the company. That experience allowed me, some time later, to lead one of the software departments.

Now I combine my work as a developer in an Artificial Intelligence boutique with the technical and digital management of CIRCU.

Working with my sister at CIRCU is combining her passion and mine to create a project that HAS IMPACT and CONTRIBUTES to taking care of everything that surrounds us.


Co-founder & head designer

I am Ángela Martí, co-founder and designer of CIRCU, I am twenty-two years old and I graduated in Fashion Design from the ESNE University.

I dive into my roots, history, color and nostalgia to create my identity as a designer. My family, my Mediterranean land and summer are my inspiration. I am passionate about the creation process, as well as looking for the means and tools to transform a concept into a garment.

Since 2018 I have worked very hard to discover and learn about the keys that make a fashion collection sustainable. All my external projects have focused on improving the sustainable process to be able to transfer it naturally and professionally to this project, Circu.

On a professional and personal level, I have been able to participate in the Mercedes Benz Fashion week in Madrid as well as in the National Award for swimwear, reaching the Ecobaño 2022 Award, a recognition that endorses and verifies our sustainable method of creating swimwear collections. During my university stage I have had the opportunity to learn, understand and be part of the fashion sector, collaborating with very important international brands in sustainable development.

It fills me with pride to have been able to build this project from scratch, learning from all the people and professionals who have offered us their help and time, always guided by our values ​​and purposes as a brand. There is still a lot to develop, do and contribute to the world, but without a doubt, this is the way to build a better future and the only way to unite my passion, fashion, with the care of the Planet, society and people, since that everything that inspires me and makes me happy, I want to take care of it, always.



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