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- Commitment to the environment, society and women.

- Creativity, inspiration, research and originality

- Sustainability, product quality and feminine functionality

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Many conscious women feel lost when looking for 100% sustainable fashion brands aligned with their lifestyle.

The fashion industry has tried to cover up its bad practices with very isolated actions that contribute little to the balance of the Planet, putting its profitability and interests first.

Misinformation and little transparency continue to reign in this industry stuck in its bad habits and hence the frustration of those women who really want transformative and conscious purchases.

I give you my example:

When I was 18 years old and started studying fashion design, I was horrified to understand what it really meant to work for this industry, being the second most polluting industry on the planet and operating under its non-existent social values. It was a turning point as a professional and then I dedicated all my effort and years of study to create a fairer fashion, with sustainable designs and my own transparent processes.

CIRCU is my tool to change what is established, a brand in which we have taken it upon ourselves to do things really well, even creating our own ethical production method, CIRCLET, which allows us to certify our positive impact on the planet, society and people.

As you can see, this requires much more effort as a brand, but it is a very rewarding process and we make it easy for you, providing you with products that are 100% aligned with your conscious lifestyle and sustainable concerns.

Surely you have felt that your only sustainable alternative was the organic cotton t-shirt from the most polluting fast-fashion brands in the world or settling for some garment for #greenwashing campaigns.

But this is over, for this, we have created a real alternative, with which you will be a part of the #circurevolution in the sector through circularity. We have implemented sustainable strategies in each of our steps, favoring the least impact of production, the greatest durability of the garment and the correct recycling of it once its useful life cycle has ended.

We design for you, modern women with a conscious lifestyle who are ready to create their own revolution. There are already many #circugirls who have taken action and have found a balance between their purchases, their lifestyle and caring for the Planet and society. This is just the beginning of the change... do you also want to be part of it?

For any questions write us by private message and we will give you more details about the whole revolution that we are creating with our positive impact products. We can also advise and accompany you on your purchases #circucerca

Thank you #circugirls and let the revolution continue!!


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